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The NSA Carolinas Board works extremely hard behind the scenes to deliver educational and power-packed programming to help you grow both personally and professionally in your speaking.

Some of our events are exclusively for members only and other events provide a guest option so non-members can attend and learn about the value NSA Carolinas provides. 

Below is a glimpse of what you can expect from our NSA Carolinas chapter programming throughout the year:

Local Member Dine Arounds (LMDA'S):  A chance to connect, share insights, and talk about the art and business of professional speaking. Whether in person or virtual, LMDAs are a fantastic way to connect with fellow NSA Carolinas members who live near you.  See our event calendar for upcoming LMDA opportunities!  See our event calendar for details. 

Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs):  If you're working on a specific area in your speaking business, such as on your website, demo video, TEDx talk or podcast, to name a few, our SIGs provide support and connection with like-minded members also working hard in those areas. It's a wonderful way to share ideas, learn and ask questions from others working on the same project to build your business. To learn more about our SIGs, click here.

Member Masterminds:  Exclusive only to members, our Masterminds are invaluable opportunities to share ideas, ask questions, and get feedback on any challenges you're facing. Connecting with fellow members can be a game-changer for both support, community and idea sharing!  To learn more about our Member Masterminds, click here.

Annual Chapter Banquet:  A time to celebrate, reflect, and uplift each other as a Chapter Community. It's an event you won't want to miss! Our banquet is held in June of each summer with a Friday evening keynote speaker and banquet dinner, Board officer transition, Saturday keynote speaker and incredible networking and community building. Take a look at our 2023 Annual Chapter Banquet information.

Speaker Academy:  Held throughout Fall of each year, our Speaker Academy is a fantastic opportunity for a cohort of aspiring and emerging speakers to discover the fundamentals of speaking, learn how to grow a speaking business and get mentored by experts. The Speaker Academy is a stepping stone to greater speaking success and we’ll be launching information early Fall to admit our Academy cohort! Learn more about the Speaker Academy.

"Week of Speaker Love" series:  Held in February each year with a week of jam-packed events to help you “feel the love” from your speaker community.   See our event calendar for details.  

Signature workshops every second Saturday:  Whether we’re in-person or virtual, NSA Carolinas will be coordinating an in-depth nuts and bolts workshop on the 2nd Saturday of every month!  Our goal is to support and empower you on your speaking journey, so keep an eye on our newsletter for when and where these workshops occur. See our event calendar for details. 

And if there’s ever a program or topic YOU want to see, don’t hesitate to let your NSA Carolinas Board of Directors know. You can send us an email to

4030 Wake Forest Road, Suite 349
Raleigh, NC 28723

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